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Water plays a cardinal role in socio-economic development and it is fundamental for sustaining all forms of life.  Productive actitivities ranging from agriculture, mining, other industry and tourism are dependent on water.  However, Zambia's water resources are yet to be fully exploitedf or the benefit of its people to enhance their ability to be productive for improved livelihood.

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file icon Water Supply and Sanitation Acthot! 08/14/2008 Hits: 1895
An Act to establish the National Water Supply and Sanitation Council and define its functions; to provide for the establishment, by local authorities, of water supply and sanitation utilities; to provide for the efficient and sustainable supply of water and sanitation services under the general regulation of the National Water Supply and Sanitation Council; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.
file icon Water Resources Development Project: Environmental And Social Management Frameworkhot! 01/18/2013 Hits: 12264
The Government of the Republic of Zambia has requested World Bank financing to support the National Water Resources Development Project (WRDP). This project corresponds with the central features of the Government‟s vision and strategy as described in its Vision 2030, the Integrated Water Resources Management and Water Efficiency Implementation Plan (2005-2030) and the Sixth National Development Plan (2011-15). The Project Development Objective is to support the implementation of an integrated framework for water resources management that promotes infrastructure development in support of economic growth, poverty reduction and climate resilience. Community-based water resources infrastructure subprojects (Small dams and Weirs) will be identified and planned in consultation with local communities, supported by project-financed management and extension teams, and then approved for funding through the Zambian Government‟s water resources development and management approval systems.
file icon Water Acthot! 08/14/2008 Hits: 4735
An Act to consolidate and amend the law in respect of the ownership, control and use of Water.
file icon The Zambezi River Authority Acthot! 08/14/2008 Hits: 3553
file icon SADC Water Protocolhot! 08/14/2008 Hits: 1854
A protocol on shared watercourse systems in the southern African development community (SADC) region
file icon National Water Policyhot! 08/14/2008 Hits: 3162
The National Water Policy embraces modern principles of water resources management and endeavours to deal with the daunting challenges of poverty reduction.
file icon Invitation to Tender IWRMIS Hardware and Softwarehot! 06/05/2013 Hits: 4674
The Ministry of Mines Energy and Water Development has received financing toward the costof the Establishment of an Integrated Water Resources Management Information System(IWRMIS), and it intends to apply part of the proceeds of this financing to payments under theagreement(s) resulting from this IFB: Provision of Hardware and Software Components toIWRMIS, Including Ancillary Goods and Non Consulting Services.

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